Third Europe+ Conference of Narrative Therapy and Community WorkJuly 2-4 2014

Welcome to the Third Europe+ Conference of Narrative Therapy and Community Work

“Narrative Practices. Voices from the margins” – Iasi, Romania 2014! You are joining the community of people who witness and contribute to this Conference development, founding a platform of Global experience in narrative practice hosted in Europe.

Why „Europe+”?

  • first of all, we had, at the end of the 2nd NTCW Conference, in Copenhagen, the opportunity to enlarge the International Organizing Committee, including country representatives from Israel and Palestine Territories;
  • second, the number of Keynote speakers – 7 of you all – is geographically wide and we only wished we could support the presence of African, South American and Asian keynote speakers, too;
  • third, we hope we will have participants with even with a broader diversity – in terms of geographical, cultural space – reflecting the diversity of us all, and connected in visible way and in invisible way (through practice, texts and reflection);
  • fourth, “Europe+” as a reconnected, enlarged pool of nations and enriched communities, after the fall of communism in the Eastern part of the Continent,
    – and the stories can go on… spatially here, in about… Europe, but mainly creating a platform for celebrating narrative experience around the Globe, and finding an intensive opportunity for interactions, re-connections, storytelling, and re-telling.

Ovidiu Gavrilovici, President of the International Organizing Committee.

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